March 13, 2016

A solution of 3 plants protects against the mutagenic activity of mitomycine C

The solution is composed of a mixture of 3 mother tinctures at the same dilutions as the Sevene product Digeodren®. The study assesses the protective effects of Digeodren® on DNA lesions and the chromosomal mutations caused by mitomycin C. This medicine, used in the treatment of...

A botanical excursion to Mazet – an outstanding biotope

Gérard Ducerf is a botanist specialised in soil analysis, which he evaluates in terms of the plants which grow there. He visited Mazet’s estate in the Cévennes on 6 June 2015. Below is his assessment of the soils and medicinal plants. He has written several publications,...

Endocrine disruptors

The term « endocrine disruptors » has become familiar to us today, due to the abundance of publications in the press concerning Bisphenol (BPA) which is a compound used in plastic food packaging (bottles, the interior coating of drink cans), dental amalgams, children toys. We...

Meadowsweet, an excellent drainer with antirheumatic, antibacterial, diuretic, and anticoagulant properties.

Filipendula ulmaria (L.) Maxim. or Spirea ulmaria L.belongs to Rosaceae family : A large, herbaceous plant with dentate, imparipinnate [1]  leaves and white/ yellow flowers disposed in panicles [2]. This well-named, tall, almost haughty flower dominates and embalms the wet...

The impact of plant combinations on cellular detoxification

Sevene has developed several detoxifying formulae from a combination of medicinal plants. These formulae have been tested by university research laboratories in models of intoxication by mixed pollutants present in the environment. A primary experimental study has demonstrated...